Does HDR Video Matter? Sony Xperia ZL HDR Video vs the iPhone 5’s Normal Video

Even though we recently saw HTC’s take on HDR video on Anton’s recent test, Sony was arrived first to the game with their Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. A lot of people have asked us if HDR video is just as good as HDR photographs on smartphones.

High Dynamic Range photos are really three photos snapped into one. What devices do is select the better lit areas of each of the three photos in different exposures and provide you with a better result at the end. When it comes to video, the concept and solution are a little different, but the purpose of providing you with better detail on badly lit areas is the same.

Today we decided to test the Sony Xperia ZL in HDR video mode and compare it to the iPhone 5, which even though regarded as one of the best smartphone cameras in the market, also lacks the feature. We also chose to do it on a bright and sunny 95ºF day in a park full of trees, with the idea of having the excessive light and the excessive shadows put each camera through a tough test.

Which does a better job on your book? While filming this video, I did feel that the Xperia ZL did a better job, but once I pulled it into the computer, there’s no denying that the iPhone handled the test quite well. Please leave us a comment with your impressions.

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