Sony’s Xperia S arrived a few months back, heralding the start of Sony transitioning to releasing smartphones under its name alone, rather than as Sony Ericsson. We were really impressed with the phone’s hardware while conducting our review, but felt a little let-down when it came to the software department, especially seeing as the phone arrived running Gingerbread. Clearly, Ice Cream Sandwich was needed if we wanted a full understanding of the phone’s performance, so we patiently started waiting for Sony to deliver the model’s official Android 4.0 upgrade. After a bit of a false start, Sony’s finally come through with the phone’s update, which begins its rollout today.

A little over a month ago, a Sony employee posted in one of the phone’s support forums that the Xperia S would see ICS land sometime in late May or early June. It didn’t take long, though, before Sony recanted on those claims and changed the update’s ETA to the latter part of Q2. Well, with just over a week to go until July, we’d certainly say this qualifies; we’re just glad not to see the update’s release delayed any longer.

Besides just making the leap to Android 4.0.4, the Xperia S gets a few new media-related apps, letting you easily browse and enjoy music, photos, and video. Distribution will be going out OTA, on you can always tether your phone to your PC or Mac for a direct connection with Sony’s Xperia Update Software; all told, the ICS update weighs-in at around 200MB. Depending on your carrier, you might see a small delay before the update becomes available, so keep your eyes peeled.

Source: Sony

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