Remember the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch that I told you about a while back? Pair it with your Android (or other smartphone), connect it with OpenWatch, and you could push notifications (email, Gmail, calendar, SMS, etc.) from your phone to your wrist. Awesomeness, right? Back at the end of September we told you about a “Bluetooth PDA for your Android-powered phone“. Since then, we’ve learned a little bit more, and it’s finally been released — but only across the pond in Europe and the UK.

What we’re talking about is something called LiveView, a 1.3-inch OLED display that can be snapped into a holder that you can clip onto almost anything, or onto a wristband (can you say “super watch”?) that connects to your Android via Bluetooth.

sony ericsson liveview small

Wearing: Clip or Wristband

Music player control: Play, pause, next, previous track, and volume adjustment, along with the title of the currently playing track

Messaging: Display incoming SMS, Display RSS feeds

Social networking: Display Facebook updates, Display Twitter updates

Calls: Caller ID to show phone number for incoming calls, Mute ringer for incoming phone calls

Contents: LiveView, Clip, Wristband, Micro USB charger, User guide LiveView

Dimensions: 11mm x 35mm x 35mm, 15g

Display: 1.3-inch Touch Sensitive (Capacitive) TFT

Controls: 2 Hard Keys, 4 On-screen Keys

Compatibility: Android 2.1 and higher

How much will LiveView set you back? About £59.99 via resellers like Expansys, but you’ve got to wait until November 26th, 2010. I think you just found the perfect Christmas present for the Geek in your life.

liveview  pis 03 small liveview  pis 02 small

Source: EuroDroid

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