Sony Ericsson ‘PlayStation Phone’ Filmed; Branded Xperia Z1?

Greek site Techblog has managed to post some fuzzy video of Sony Ericsson’s so-called ‘PlayStation Phone,’ which we’re now being told will be called the Xperia Z1. The video (embedded below) is largely useless except to once again confirm the existence of this highly-anticipated handset, which was all but confirmed by Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg in the Wall Street Journal as destined for a February Mobile World Congress debut. More interesting is the site’s observation that the touchscreen was “very good”, with solid multi-touch, and impressive graphics described as “excellent” for a cellphone.

The camera is said to be an eight-megapixel job with LED flash, and while the gamepad was described a bit, machine translation prohibits us from pulling out any details. We did recently hear that the handset’s display (now rumored at four inches) was indeed “mind-blowing,” on par with the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, and that its gaming architecture is still being referred to as the Z-System — a Sony Ericsson-trademarked term that most likely led to the purported Z1 branding. (The phone’s codename is supposedly Zeus).

According to a MobileCrunch informant, the company is working with Google on a method of supplying games through the Android Market; those games are said to target a sub-$10 price point.

Source: Techblog

Via: Engadget

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