Sony Ericsson Offering Custom Kernel Guide

After showing us its new bootloader unlocking service, we were left impressed by Sony Ericsson’s support of the developer community. Now it is supplementing the bootloader unlock by releasing a guide to creating a custom kernel, an ability exposed by the unlocked bootloader.

Once again there are clear warnings present – bootloader unlocking may void warranty, and is not revertible to a locked/original state. Sony Ericsson’s guide walks the budding developer through downloading all necessary software and installing it to configure the development environment. Configuration examples are given for the Xperia line of phones, but source code is provided for a wide range of SE Android devices. The guide then further walks the developer through building the kernel, assembling a boot.img file, and flashing it to the device using Android’s “Fastboot”.

Sony Ericsson has further reached out to the development community by creating a thread at XDA devoted to building the Linux/Android kernel for Xperia phones. KalleD, a member of the Sony Ericsson Developer Program promises to monitor the thread and attempt to address issues that arise during the development process.

Source: Sony Ericsson Developer Blog

Via: Android Central

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