Sony Ericsson Leaks Xperia X7, X7 Mini for Windows Phone 7?

If these leaked slides are to be believed, it looks like Sony Ericsson has a duo of Windows Phone 7 devices in development for Q1 of next year!


The first device, aptly named the Xperia X7, will feature a big 4.3″ WVGA display running with a blazing-fast Qualcomm MSM8260 1.2GHz CPU. The camera will take 8MP photos and 720p HD video, and last but not least, it’ll have an HDMI output with Dolby Digital Plus surround. We’re the most skeptical about that final claim: it was our understanding that Windows Phone 7 devices couldn’t do HDMI out because the operating system doesn’t support it. Hopefully, the slides aren’t lying.


The second device, the Xperia X7 Mini, is the smaller version of the X7, but packs some advantages in the photography department. It features the same WVGA resolution as its big brother, but in a more-pixel-packed 3.5″ panel. The CPU is a Qualcomm QSD8250 running at 1GHz (that’s the same Snapdragon found in the HD2, Nexus One, and many other smartphones of today). The camera is even more powerful that the X7, shooting at 10.1MP with 720p HD video recording, and, get this, 3x optical zoom (optical zoom is a feature we rarely, if ever, see on a smartphone).

What do you think of these two Sony Ericsson devices? Are they good enough to compete?

Source: YouTube

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