Sony Ericsson Confirms Xperia for MWC; Play, Arc, Duo & Neo?

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that it will be announcing “new members of the Xperia family” at February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in a press invitation to its Sunday, February 13th presentation. As we reported earlier this week, the company recently filed trademarks for four Xperia brands: Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, Xperia Arc, and Xperia Duo; while the first branding likely refers to the upcoming PlayStation Phone, codenamed Zeus, the other three are just as mysterious now as before. We do know that the manufacturer has an X10 followup known as Anzu in the wings, and although that was thought to be dubbed the X12, we suppose it’s possible that it could adopt one of the other three monikers. (Based on the design, our guess would be Xperia Arc, but that’s complete speculation, of course).

In other words, we’d be pretty surprised if these two handsets weren’t revealed at the show, so we’re curious what else SE has been working on — remember that rumored Xperia X7 Windows Phone 7? One thing that does seem certain is that Xperia has clearly become the company’s go-to brand a la Galaxy, Optimus, and, um “7.”

Source: Android World

Via: Unofficial Xperia X10 Blog

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