Sony Ericsson CEO Confirms WP7 Device for Next Year

Today we learn that Sony Ericsson is indeed working on a Windows Phone 7 handset, but we shouldn’t expect it until next year, according to the CEO of the company. That’ll bring the total number of OEMs making Windows Phone 7 hardware to five, as Sony Ericsson joins the ranks of HTC, Samsung, LG, and Dell.

What would a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 device would look? It’s likely that they’ll use the XPERIA branding, which the company likes to define as their premium mobile brand. Because of the UI restrictions placed on the Windows Phone 7 (no custom interfaces), it’s not possible for Sony Ericsson to build a proprietary interface (think Panels for Windows Mobile and Timescape/Mediascape for Android). So what’s left? They’ll probably have their own hub, much like Samsung and HTC is showing, that will bring together a variety of pieces of information. Hopefully they will utilize a form factor similar to the XPERIA X1 and X2, because those devices were quite popular. Additionally, look for Sony Ericsson to offer their Windows Phone 7 device in a variety of colors (or changeable covers like the XPERIA X10 Mini) to further differentiate their product from the pack.

Source: WSJ


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