Could an e-paper smartwatch be in the cards for Sony?

The thing about smartwatches in 2014 is that they’re mostly all function-over-form. Just take a look at entries like LG’s G Watch and even Sony’s SmartWatch 3, and the first thing that pops into your mind is probably “smartwatch,” not “fashion statement.” As one can imagine, OEMs are hoping to change that as soon as possible, and it looks like Sony could be leading the charge. If a report from Bloomberg citing anonymous sources inside the company is correct, that change may come in the form of a Sony e-paper smartwatch next year.

Whether the device would be a success or failure is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s for certain that if this idea comes into fruition, it’ll be innovative. According to the report, the whole watch, including the display and band, would be constructed from the electronic paper material (think Amazon Kindle). This type of display allows for extremely long-lasting battery packs compared to LCDs and legibility even in direct sunlight.

Sony has reportedly gone the e-paper route to allow customizability and for users to make a better fashion statement than otherwise. This is more about style than matching, say, the technological ability of a device like the SmartWatch 3.

Intriguing, yes. We won’t have long to wait apparently, too – Bloomberg suggests a 2015 release date, and the new year is just around the corner.

Note: the device pictured in the lead image is the current-gen SmartWatch 3, not the possible Sony e-paper smartwatch.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: 9to5Mac

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