We’ve seen E Ink and similar technologies their way to smartwatches, smartphones, e-readers and billboards as an energy-efficient means of conveyance, though the item has gone into a sleeper period for us in mobile tech. Sony, though, is taking on concept product after concept product and is giving a (physically) larger concept a try.

Its new Digital Paper products come in two sizes: 10.3 inches and 13.3 inches. Each come with a stylus with a set of tips — that means you can edit with it — a 4:3 workspace with a minimum of 206 pixels per inch resolution. Devices connect to Windows PCs with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios and are able to store up to 16GB of documents for editing and reading.

A single charge can last a week with regular use and a month on sleep mode. Charging will take up to 5.5 hours on a low-amperage source.

Both sizes are available now from Sony and other retailers including B&H Photo. The 10.3-inch size is $599.99 while the 13.3-inch size is $699.99.

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