Ask and ye shall receive: Sony confirms Stamina mode is returning to Xperias on Marshmallow

Who said public outrage in the form of online complaints, e-petitions and impassioned forum posts doesn’t pay off? Just last month, Amazon yielded to the will of the masses, reconsidering its controversial stance on Fire OS encryption.

Meanwhile, HTC appears to be strongly reevaluating its flagship release policy for India and other emerging markets, with Sony finally persuaded by Xperia fans of Stamina mode benefits.

It’s not every day that you see a community of Android enthusiasts coming together to support a piece of proprietary “bloat”, especially when Google offers an extremely close stock correspondent. But it seems Marshmallow’s Doze battery life enhancements aren’t enough for many Z5-series, Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z2 users.

As such, Sony really had no choice but to bring Stamina back, not before the feature is tested in an Android 6.0 environment as part of the Xperia Beta Program. Once it’s made to work smoothly in combination with Doze Mode, which Google won’t allow the OEM to remove, a small update should roll out to everyone on the M train.

Unfortunately, there’s no “release schedule” devised yet, not even for beta testers, so patience is still advised. But it’s very nice to know Sony is listening to “constant feedback”, deeming the voice of the users “essential for the development of a better software.” Now, if only someone could explain exactly how are Stamina and Doze so radically different when they look so similar on paper…

Source: Xperia Blog

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