Sony could give us better camera tech than what’s found in Face ID

3D Time of Flight cameras is apparently going to be the best type of technology to be used for scanning 3D objects, and Sony is already ramping up its production and improving this technology.

According to Bloomberg, Sony is working hard to meet the demand for 3D ToF cameras this year. These sensors are expected to arrive in smartphones by the end of summer. It was said that this technology is going to come to the main cameras of future iPhones, but rumors will always stay like that until official confirmation. Now, these new 3D ToF cameras send out invisible beams of light that help measure the objects based on the time that the beam bounces back to the device. This technology is supposed to be better than other 3D face unlock solutions that are based on structured light technology (like the one in Apple’s Face ID).

We can already find some smartphones in the market with this type of technology like the OPPO R17 Pro, but maybe Sony will give us something better. Huawei is also said to be including this technology in its smartphones, but since it will be ready until late summer, we know we can’t expect it in the Huawei P30, maybe then in the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro.

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