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Sony BSP60: far from your ordinary Bluetooth speaker (Video)

By Stephen Schenck March 4, 2015, 1:45 pm

With as many products as are on display at MWC 2015, it can be tough to make your accessory stand out. Deliver something nice and functional, but with a cookie-cutter design, and you’re liable to find yourself quickly forgotten. But spruce things up with a little sound, a little light, and dare we say a little motion, and you’re well on your way to catching a few eyes. Sony’s doing all that at MWC this year, with its unabashedly cute “smart” Bluetooth speaker BSP60.

Pairing over NFC and communicating via Bluetooth, the BSP60 is more than just a speaker. It cycles through colors, raises and lowers its speaker-covering “earstalks,” and will even dance around on your desk – though that wasn’t yet functional in the early model we looked at. There’s also speakerphone capabilities, but maybe the most exciting feature is how the model will respond to voice commands, acting as a virtual assistant.

Limited battery life and some software constraints may limit the BSP60’s appeal a little bit, but we’ll wait for the final commercial release before we pass judgment. For the moment, take a look at what Sony’s managed to put together this far:

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