Sony’s got an interesting relationship with Android updates. On one hand, it sometimes feels like the company’s out there on the bleeding edge of progress, like how last fall it was already teasing Android Lollipop running on its phones just days after public availability began. But then we look at its actual distribution of Lollipop updates and see long waits, not to mention plenty of confusion over just which models would (and more importantly, wouldn’t) be getting them. Today, at least, we’re back over in the “early innovator” camp, as Sony begins giving devs the tools they need to start testing Android M on their Sony Xperia hardware.

Mind you, this is a lot more hands-on than simply flashing a new ROM to a Nexus phone; the instructions Sony provides for building the Android M software package require access to a Linux machine, and you’ll be spending a fair bit of time at the command line. That said, Sony has a nice step-by-step guide that’s willing to hold your hand through the process, so if you’re the right combination of curious and patient, you’ve got all you need to start using Android M on your Sony phone.

Well, for supported models, that is. You’ll need a handset that’s part of Sony’s Open Device program, including phones like the Xperia Z3, Z2, M2, and  T3 – plus a bunch more. For the complete list, as well as access to the build guide you’ll need to prepare an Android M image for your phone, check out all of Sony’s resources available through the source link below.

Source: Sony
Via: Android Central

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