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Sony 5G prototype on display at MWC 2019

By Anton D. Nagy February 26, 2019, 2:00 am
Sony 5G prototype

The Sony Xperia 1, Xperia 10, and Xperia 10 Plus were the only phones officially announced by Sony at the ongoing MWC 2019. While there were plenty of rumors of a possible Sony foldable smartphone, it was nowhere to be seen. What was on display though, both at Sony’s and at Qualcomm’s booth, was a Sony 5G prototype. It makes sense, as foldable smartphones and 5G are the buzzwords for 2019, and the direction most OEMs are heading in.

While both models were concealed in a Qualcomm case, and not many details were publicly shared, it is confirmed that the Sony 5G prototype will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, paired with the Snapdragon X50 modem chip. Just like the rest of the line-up, it has a tall, 21:9 display, most likely the 4K HDR OLED CinemaWide screen from the Xperia 1 flagship.

We are massively involved in 5G, just not launching anything commercially just yet. You can see we have a product so in the near future — Adam Marsh, Sony Global Communications

Pocket-lint found out that the Sony 5G prototype on display might not be indicative of the design for the final product. Sony is aware of 5G, and its importance, and says it will be ready with a product in time for when the technology is accessible by the masses.

Sony 5G prototype

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