Apple may soon ply on 3D facial scanning technology to its iPhone 8, but we’re still working in the world of theory at this point. LG has been working to hack that feature into its G6 through a simple software update. We still don’t have an idea of what either method looks like, but the hope is that Android 4.0’s rather simplistic attempt at recognizing faces for authentication might be forgotten by the time these phones are out.

Sony, though, has been working on a more complex system for facial recognition with Swiss software company KeyLemon to create a more nuanced picture that will be harder for malicious thieves to mock up.

The camera, made by Sony’s SoftKinetic camera division, would capture images in color, near-infrared and then a depth reading to create a composite master to match entry attempts with. The depth map would also allow for faces to not come up in head-on profile against the camera.

How soon we might be able to see this technology in some form on an Xperia is questionable, but we don’t suppose that a mannequin head with a color print-out of someone’s mug would really work against it — that’s some progress.

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