Sonos Wireless HiFi Giveaway: We Have A Winner!

Last week, we told tales of wireless audio at wineries, sang the praises of our friends at Sonos, and promised a HiFi system to folks willing to listen to the latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast. Over the past week, we’ve enjoyed watching the responses come in, and we’ve been especially heartened to see only a few attempts at “beating the system.” Thanks for reinforcing our belief that there really are very few “tools” out there.

The logistics are now complete, the numbers have been drawn, and the revels are just beginning for our lucky winner. Please join us in congratulating Mathieu van Sluis, who’ll be taking home a Sonos Play 3 and Sonos Bridge to fill whatever room he desires with rich, bassy sound straight from the internet. Congrats, Mathieu! We’ve sent you an email and you’ll be receiving your new HiFi system shortly after you get your shipping address to us!

A look into the giveaway process: as delineated in the official contest post, our winner was selected from those who submitted the correct hint word, heard on last week’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, and who also fulfilled the like/follow requirements on Facebook and/or Twitter. Of the 208 submissions received in total, generated a winning value of “49,” which number corresponded to Mathieu’s submission.

We’d like to thank our partners at Sonos for making this giveaway possible, and also everyone who participated by following along with Pocketnow’s posts and listening to our podcast. We thank you for lending us your eyes and ears, and we look forward to offering more giveaways in the future. Good luck next time, everyone!


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