All screen, no chin. The Xiaomi Mi MIX got us closer to the bezelless dream than ever before. But hey, maybe we can just be there. Wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas gift?

Well, notorious Weibo tech blogger KJuma may have hit some gold… or it could be a fake-out to ruin a whole holiday season.


Take a good long look at these renders, purporting to show off a device from Xiaomi competitor Meizu and tell us if you can feel anything going on? No perceptible buttons or ports, — because any dent, hill or hole is just plain unsexy on a “best looks” render — just screen. An edgy bezel, but screen, nonetheless. And then there’s that date: December 24.


So, what now? The wait. If there’s further development on this front, we’ll pass it along to you. But we bet that if this is all we hear about this device, you probably won’t be getting anything on Christmas Eve. In other words, all sham, no wow.


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