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Some users report Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra display issues

By Samuel Martinez February 21, 2022, 9:48 pm
S22 Ultra's Display with S Pen Source: Pocketnow Video

We have some rather sad news about Samsung’s latest flagship, as some rumors have started to report display issues on their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra models.

We have bad news for those who already purchased a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, as some of the early adopters have used Reddit to post about a display issue that’s affecting their devices. These reports include images and short images that reveal a line of pixels that show what seems to be a bar with static across the bottom half of the display panel.

The issue isn’t permanent, but it keeps popping up constantly, especially when users are gaming or playing videos. There is still no information that may suggest the cause of the problem, but some believe it may be related to hardware. However, we have also noticed that all the reports involve Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra devices that feature an Exynos processor under the hood. So, this may bring peace of mind to those who received Snapdragon-powered models.


“Many early adopters of the Exynos S22 Ultra seem to be experiencing an issue with their phones where a column of pixels is displaying jumbled data. This typically is a hardware issue, caused by a loose display cable or fault in the display or GPU. The other reason this is likely a hardware issue is because only the Exynos models are having the issue, I have not seen anyone with a Snapdragon model post about this issue yet.”

Whatever the case, we will have to wait and see how this issue develops as more people will start receiving their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra models in the upcoming days. Still, if you’re being affected by this issue, you may want to try changing your phone from QHD to FHD, as this seems to help a bit with the problem.

If this is indeed a hardware problem, Samsung may have to take back the defective devices and replace them with new ones. However, this may also be a problem considering that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra shipping dates and waiting times seem to be getting pushed further away, as some customers are already seeing that their phones may arrive until April. Samsung is definitely feeling the effect of the ongoing chip shortage, as it has already made a statement claiming that demand is at an “all-time high.”

“We’re grateful for the excitement and response to our new Galaxy S22 series. Interest in Galaxy S22 series is at an all-time high with the pre-order volume exceeding our expectations. We’re committed to getting these devices to our customers as early as possible. However, some customers may experience delays depending on market, model and color. We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding.”

Source: Reddit

Via: 9to5Google


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