If you’ve been a Windows Mobile user you definitely remember the old days of flashing custom ROMs. You were able to do that with the help of Hard SPL, a custom bootloader that allowed for flashing of unofficial (custom) ROMs to the phone. Some HTC Windows Phones are supported by a new tool that reportedly brings HSPL to Windows Phone 7.

With Microsoft and its new, locked down platform, the question for custom ROMs and deep customization wasasked by almost every Windows Mobile power user. DarkForces Team have released a tool that supports five HTC Windows Phones: Gold (HTC Pro 7, T7575), Mozart (HD3, T8697, T8698, T8699), Mondrian (Surround, T8788), Spark (Trophy, T8686) and Schubert (HD7, T9292, T9295, T9296). Languages supported are WWE, GER, RUS, CHS, CHT and there’s no support for CDMA devices like Sprint Arrive and Verizon Trophy.

So why does this concern you? At the moment, it does not, beyond for the novelty and a stage won by the underground development community. With HSPL (and RSPL), ROM chefs will be able to play around and get custom ROMs for supported devices. But with Windows Phone 7, it’s not pretty sure what a custom ROM could bring. Operator-dependent pre-installed software can be uninstalled and the performance is there should you need it. What would you expect from a custom WP7 ROM? Would you go down that road?

Source: XDA Developers

Thanks: saints5354

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