Yesterday, we learned about what appeared to be a previously-unknown limitation in Google Music, where despite Google never having talked about any kind of limitations on how much or for how long you could stream music, users reported being locked-out of their music libraries with just such a warning message, informing them that they had hit their streaming limit. The presence of a brief support doc for the message on Google’s site appeared to confirm its legitimacy, but we were still largely in the dark as to what was going on. Today, a few details emerge to help add some clarity to the situation, but we continue to await a more complete response from Google.

When first receiving a tip about this situation, Droid-life contacted Google in hopes of getting some comment. Since then, the site reports that it’s received confirmation of the existence of a streaming limit, and that in particular it’s a daily limit. That’s important, because it makes it likely that if you ever do hit the limit that you won’t have to wait for too long before your access is restored. The other tidbit offered is that Google’s set the cut-off for this limit so high that it would take a very concerted effort in order to hit it – think, in excess of a full workday’s use, commutes and all. That just makes us wonder why Google put it in there at all; if it’s so hard to hit, and apparently such a rare occurrence, was this really something worth implementing at all?

We’ve got plenty of questions left, including just what’s being tracked as progress towards the limit (is it MB or number of songs?), and the all-important question of just where the limit exactly lies. That’s not to say that we’re worried at all about it becoming a problem, but we feel a lot better when we understand how the services we use on our phones function.

Source: Droid-life

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