Yesterday, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos let us know that his company was gearing up to announce the next generation of its Kindle e-readers, with a new model set to make its debut next week. While we love getting teasers from official sources like that, this one was seriously short on details; we knew that new hardware was just around the corner, but Bezos was mum on specifics. Luckily for us, The Wall Street Journal has its own sources within Amazon’s ranks, and this evening sheds a little light on just what we can expect from next week’s news.

While the sources behind this info don’t have much to say about the new Kindle itself, they do come through with a couple important details about accessories that will be available for it.

The Kindle series has always been known for great battery life, but this new Kindle might take things to the next level with a protective case that doubles as an extended battery.

Extends the e-reader’s battery life how much? That we don’t know. And truth be told, we’re a little apprehensive about one detail this report mentions, suggesting that the new Kindle will be extra-thin thanks to the availability of this external power source. That might suggest that the Kindle itself is getting a battery life downgrade, with Amazon passing the buck on to this case. We may be reading too much into this unconfirmed report, but it’s something we’ll be looking to get more information on next week.

Our other Kindle accessory rumor is a little less certain-sounding, but arguably much more interesting: supposedly, Amazon will release another case with a built-in battery, but one that will also feature a solar panel for keeping its charge topped-off. The problem here is that this one doesn’t seem ready to launch just yet, and even if it does emerge someday, it’s unlikely to be available alongside the new Kindle itself. We suppose there’s still the chance Amazon will announce it next week, and come through with availability details at a later date.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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