ARM64-x86 emulation shown off for Snapdragon-powered full Windows 10 phones

There’s a bridge to the Surface Phone.

Microsoft and Qualcomm jointly announced that future Snapdragon processors will be able to run full versions of Windows 10. At the Windows Hardware Engineering Community conference in Shenzhen, months of x86 emulation development made its way to developers in a showcase.

The demo, while limited, did show off quick bursts of Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and a little DirectX gaming on, of all things, a current-generation Snapdragon 820 chipset running Windows 10 Enterprise.

Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group Terry Myerson hammered home the point that the future of traditional computing is mobile and that Windows 10 was equipping itself to “help everyone make the most of the air around them.” Myerson mentioned that OEMs can use embedded eSIMs to enable users to pick and choose data plans from the Windows Store.

It is strongly believed that the much-rumored Surface Phone will debut later in 2017 with a Snapdragon 835 and an emphasis on x86 computing with Continuum-connected screens. Other devices may also come in the year ahead.

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