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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 is still a chip that can’t escape its own shadow, with phone launch after phone launch haunted by tales of overheating. As we wait to see what, if anything, manufacturers are able to do about that, we’re also looking forward to what’s next, eagerly awaiting the first devices powered by the Snapdragon 820. Announced by Qualcomm back at MWC, the 820 is on track to power some next-generation flagships. While its commercial arrival is still some time off, we’ve already been hearing some rumors about what to expect form the SoC, including Samsung possibly having an involvement in making it. Those Samsung rumors return today, along with some new technical details of the chip’s construction.

For one, we’re now hearing about possible clock speed, with the 820 tipped to operate at a brisk 3.0GHz. While much faster than the 2.0GHz 810, the 14nm process by which Samsung is expected to fabricate the chip’s custom Kyro CPU cores should allow it to reach those speeds while remaining relatively efficient and avoiding the 810’s thermal failures.

We also get an update on just who’s testing the 820 first, with word that Sony, HTC, and Xiaomi are among the first in line to put the 820 through its paces – and presumably will be some of the first OEMs to eventually deliver finished handsets featuring the silicon. While a full timetable until such retail availability remains elusive, this source suggests 820-based phones might be here a lot sooner than we thought, and Xiaomi might even announce such a model before the end of the year.

Source: Mobile-Dad (Google Translate)
Via: SamMobile

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