Snapdragon 810 isn’t coming in a new, “fixed” version 2.1 soon; that’s the chip we already have

OnePlus got the ball rolling on the pre-launch specs it was announcing for its OnePlus 2 handsets a little under a month ago as it shared news of its choice of the Snapdragon 810 for the phone’s SoC. As this is probably the most controversial SoC in recent memory, the company made a point to emphasize how overheating wouldn’t be an issue for the chip, due in part to “an improved version of the chipset (v2.1) in the OnePlus 2.” We’ve already heard about how early 810 issues were blamed on pre-production silicon, so you might have assumed that we were looking forward to another update coming to the chip. According to HTC, that’s not the case, and this v2.1 810 is the same one everyone else is using.

On Twitter earlier this afternoon, HTC’s Jeff Gordon got to talking about the Snapdragon 810, noting how odd it was that some OEMs (like OnePlus) are emphasizing their use of the v2.1 810 as if it helped set their phones apart from other 810-based phones – ones purportedly prone to overheating.

According to Gordon, “The truth, according to what Qualcomm tells me, is virtually all OEMs who’ve announced devices with Snapdragon 810 are currently using v2.1.” We’ve already seen evidence in favor of this idea with recent Sony models.

That means that the OnePlus 2 – and other upcoming 810-powered smartphones – will be running the same chip as HTC has in its One M9. That’s not to say that manufacturers can’t take additional steps to keep the SoC’s thermal profile in check – and OnePlus certainly did mention a heatsink that would help dissipate the 810’s heat in its phone – but don’t expect a chip that’s drastically different from what’s already out there. Further improvements to system firmware are also helping to improve 810 performance over time, and as manufacturers of 810-based handsets implement those changes, users should start reaping the benefits.

Source: Jeff Gordon (Twitter)
Via: Android Central

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