Snapchat “will do everything to kill” Microsoft devs like Rudy Huyn

UpdateWe have added a tweet to the bottom of this post that mentions the quote from our headline. Pocketnow regrets the omission.

For a social media company predicated on short-life exchanges, Snapchat seems to have a short temper with Microsoft and its developers. Since December 2014, the company has refused to let Windows Phone app devs use its API. We haven’t been given reasoning since then, but the mere omission of Snapchat clients on Windows mobile ecosystem continues to be part of the app gap story the platform is facing.

Rudy Huyn, developer of 6Snap and other Windows Phone social media clients, took to Twitter yesterday to once again put out his frustrations against Snapchat.

It seems that lawyers for Snapchat have a gag order on Huyn from discussing anything about why the company will not let a third-party client onto Windows 10 Mobile.

In other news on that same thread, there’s another attempt in progress to get a Snapchat app onto the operating system through the API. The hope is that SwiftSnapper, by using that API instead of Snapchat’s, will not have to deal with legal action from Snapchat.

Drama, oh drama.

Source: GitHub
Via: WMPoweruser (1, 2)

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