Snapchat vs Slingshot: self-destructing photo shootout (Video)

Last year, Facebook caught a lot of flak for releasing a Snapchat clone last year, dubbed Poke. However, the app never really caught on and Facebook pulled it from the App Store back in May.

Just last week, Facebook tried its hand at the destructive photo sharing app again by releasing another Snapchat competitor, Slingshot. It’s easy to mistake Slingshot as a Snapchat knock-off. And while the two services have a lot in common, like the same basic function, Slingshot has its fair share of differences from Snapchat – the UI, the “pay to play” mentality, and other small details.

Which app is better? Is Slingshot a worthy competitor to Snapchat? And which app would we suggest for someone looking to share self-destructing photos? Find out in our Snapchat vs Slingshot comparison video below!

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