Snapchat Spectacles are now available on Amazon in the US for same old $130 price

For a little while there, it almost seemed like Google ruined smart glasses for everyone before different companies could try different approaches to putting a tiny computer in the user’s line of sight.

But as it turns out, various businesses ended up embracing a revised version of the failed Google Glass consumer edition, while speculation is ramping up over an elaborate Apple AR project centered on both iPhones and a mystery pair of immersive “Iris” shades.

Let’s not forget probably the most popular smart glasses yet, which have managed to generate quite a lot of buzz with a unique offline retail strategy before finally moving to their manufacturers’ e-store in the US and across Europe.

No longer exclusive and trendy, Snapchat Spectacles are still incredibly affordable, arguably stylish and at least mildly entertaining, spreading to another important distribution channel.

Starting today, Americans with an eye for fashion, technology and image messaging can order “Spectacles by Snap Inc.” in their choice of three colors on Demand is likely still high, mind you, with only a few teal units left in stock at the time of writing, and the black model temporarily sold out, though Amazon should be able to restock it as soon as July 22. The coral flavor is the easiest to score, or you could head over to and get any of the three variants delivered for free in 5 to 10 business days. The price tag is the same – $129.99, no discounts in sight.

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