Snapchat Spectacles no longer on the move, available for anyone to purchase online

While still young and far from popular among the tech consumer masses, so-called smartglasses have come in many price points, for many target audiences, with many central use cases these past few years.

Nowhere near as complex, versatile or immersive as the ill-fated Google Glass or Microsoft’s in-development HoloLens, the Snapchat Spectacles made quite an impression with their funky design, straightforward functionality and especially super-low MSRP back in September.

After several months of seemingly rampant demand and extremely limited US availability, the short video-recording goggles gradually started to lose steam, which is why it makes perfect sense for Snap Inc. to finally expand them nationwide.

Well, not really, but sooner or later, they had to stop with the whole gimmicky, always-on-the-move pop-up vending machine exclusivity. And no, a single dedicated retail store in New York City doesn’t count as expansion.

Online sales open for anyone currently willing to wait two to four weeks are a different kettle of fish, of course, coming at just the right time to boost Snap’s value ahead of a proposed $3 billion IPO.

You can e-order the fashionable Spectacles in black, coral or teal, at $129.99 a pop, charging case and cable included, with super-easy “memory” recording capabilities in tow, wireless Snapchat sharing, and both Android and iOS support.

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