The one clearest difference between the old Snapchat app interface and the new one that will be revealed is that there will be a clearer separation between the moments users get out of their personal friends and the content coming from media providers.

That mission comes from Snap, Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel as his Snapchat platform attempts to reboot and recover not just viewership, but overall usage as its main competitor, Instagram, has adapted with its ephemeral clips stream called “Stories.”

“One of the complaints we’ve heard about social media is that photos and videos from your friends and mixed in with content from publishers, creators and influencers,” Spiegel said. “But your friends aren’t content. They’re relationships.”

Currently, Snapchat’s experience starts from the camera for users to create photos and videos to share. Swiping to the left takes the user to their catalog of friends, who can be directly messaged. On the right side, users see curated “stories” from their friends as well as many of those content publishers. Further right, the story mix becomes strictly from publishers. It’s intended that friends’ stories will move to the left side.

Beyond that, the Friends page will also have an algorithm applied to it to display the people that users want to talk the most to at the top. The Discover page at right will also get algorithmized to display content users typically tap on first.

The new design is expected out soon.

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