Tech-savvy artist Jeff Koons has teamed up with social media app Snapchat to launch Snapchat ART with several of his digital model exhibits set to appear in augmented reality environments around the world.

The company launched a special website with a time-release wall and countdown clock leading up to 3pm today, but industrious snoopers were able to set the clocks on their computers to bypass the wall and extract details on the exhibits — including a video introduction to Snapchat ART without sound.

TechCrunch reports from a source that Snapchat is utilizing its acquisition of Israel-based Cimagine to drive technology.

The first wave of exhibits will feature Jeff Koons’s balloon art and other digital models in 11 locations across the world, including Central Park in New York, Hyde Park in London, the Sydney Opera House, Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro and others. All users have to do is open the Snapchat app and point at the installation, which can be located trough the SnapMap.

The Snapchat ART program is inviting other artists through a sign-up form on the website, linked below this story.

Snapchat’s core functionality to its users is its ability to send messages and then make them disappear forever. Unlike its social media counterpart Twitter, though, this visual medium has been more eager to expand from brevity and transience to provide options for length and permanence — allowing up to six consecutive 10-second Snaps to be sent and having them kept in a special “Memories” section for later downloading. It’s why you’re seeing Snapchat clips flourish on Facebook and Twitter these days.

As the company flounders towards more revenue paths and less expensive ways to acquire users to fulfill its base mission, it has beaten Facebook in starting a moderately successful hardware project, Spectacles. In fact, Facebook has yet to scale up its own AR-based art program that began in April.

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