It’s hard to remember another product that generated as much initial excitement as Snap Inc.’s Spectacles, only to have its sales numbers collapse way before meeting its maker’s expectations. But even though the once-trendy smartglasses are almost a year and a half old, during which time Snapchat’s popularity hasn’t exactly blown up either, some sort of a sequel to the $130 wearable video camera is apparently in the pipeline.

Rumored last month to arrive in stores “by the third quarter” of 2018, the “002” device has just been certified by the Federal Communications Commission, which may or may not mean an earlier than Q3 launch is in the cards. Unfortunately, this particular set of regulatory FCC documents is especially secretive, merely revealing 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity will be added to the mix.

That should facilitate significantly faster file transfers between the new Spectacles and the Evan Spiegel-created social network that probably has a unique chance of swiping a large number of disgruntled Facebook users. Of course, Spiegel likes to think of his “baby” as a multimedia messaging app rather than a direct social platform rival for Facebook or Twitter, with Snap Inc. looking to focus more and more on camera hardware in the not-so-distant future.

Apart from this Spectacles 002 version, which is expected to look similar to the original, with performance improvements, bug fixes, new colors and water resistance in tow, a third generation is reportedly already in the works too, eyeing a 2019 release at a $300 or so price point. A dramatic redesign and a two-camera setup for 3D-like depth effects should justify the retail cost increase, although a lot can change until next year.

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