Ben Rudolph’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge got a lot of press and interest at CES in Las Vegas last year. The deal was that if your phone could beat Ben’s Windows Phone in a speed test of an average task you often do with your smartphone, he’d give you $100. It seems some one else has decided to try these tests on some carrier store employees. Brian Lalley identifies himself as being “with Windows” which doesn’t have anything to do with the Windows Phone team. I find it odd that he’s not mentioning his job title or the actual name of the company he works for. It could be that he’s just a Windows Phone fan and thought it would be a good idea to try out Ben’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge for himself. If he does work for Microsoft, he should probably use some better quality production tools! The difference in Brian’s challenge, besides the low quality camera work, is that he isn’t challenging random people, but actual sales people which many have found often know very little about Windows Phone. Check out the videos below for Brian’s take on the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge.

Source: WM Poweruser

UPDATE: According to the WP7Expert twitter account, which is an official Windows Phone account dedicated to helping sales professionals, Brian Lalley works for a field training company that is used by Microsoft. Brian’s videos were not officially sponsored by Microsoft and are just his own ideas for training sales reps.

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