Well this was inevitable: owners of smartwatches are eager to configure their wearables to reflect the latest styles, and watchface galleries have been quick to spring up and offer users a broad selection of options. But where do all these designs come from? Plenty are full-on originals, but you won’t have to look hard to find faces mimicking designs from TV, movies, and video games, as well as those copying the style of popular “dumb” watches. And while Rare might be cool with people rocking a Goldeneye 007 watch layout, luxury brands like Omega aren’t being so accommodating, and have started issuing takedown notices for what they few as infringing watchfaces.

So far, sites hosting these designs have been quick to respond to complaints, pulling down the copycat designs. And for strict knock-offs, that’s well and good.

But what happens when watchface designers start countering such takedown notices by crafting faces that aren’t so much direct copies, but more general “of the same flavor” creations, taking a healthy dose of inspiration? There’s no hard-and-fast line about just when an imitator goes too far, and as smartwatch popularity grows, we’re bound to see more watchfaces attempt to push these limits. The way things are going, a legal showdown could be inevitable.

Source: Torrent Freak

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