Smartphones just got cool again | Pocketnow Weekly 157

Update: Warning – peaking audio levels at the beginning and end of this podcast. Enjoy!

Yo dudes. This week was gnar, dudes.

First we get word from Commodore that they’re (sorta) back and they’ve got a fleshtone phone to prove it. Then we hear that some kind of modern-day Iron Man is building a phone out of a material called “liquidmorphium.” Then we go hands-on with an all-metal, super-stylized ZTE phone, before hearing that Samsung’s new smartwatch is gonna have a digital crown and a rotating bezel control. And that’s not even half of the geekgasm that was this week in mobile tech.

All that plus your listener mail ahead on episode 157 of the Pocketnow Weekly! So turn on your sensors and warm up your receivers; this podcast is getting ready for a planetside flyby, and you’ll not want to miss it. Watch the video broadcast from 1:40pm Eastern on July 17 (click here for your local time), or check out the high-quality audio version here. And don’t forget to shoot your listener mail to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!

Pocketnow Weekly 157


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July 17, 2015



Michael Fisher

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Cortana on Android


Cortana on Android


A special segment on Windows’s personal assistant making the first cross of the platform! What works, what doesn’t and what’s funny about this Cortana beta. We also have a video covering the bases of its functionality.






Commodore returns with the Commodore PET smartphone

Preorders start July 31 for Turing Phone

Marshall “amplifies” its product portfolio with new smartphone

ZTE Axon goes official with 4GB RAM, dual cameras, HiFi audio support

HTC rolls out new Desires 

HTC officially bringing the One M9+ to Europe

Motorola shares plans for July 28 phone event

2015 Moto G leaks in real-life images

Waterproof Moto G launch rumored

Motorola preparing Moto G MotoMaker?

Bunch of Motos leaked

Is this the 2015 Moto X or an upcoming Droid?

Apparent Galaxy Note 5, 6 Edge+ documents hint at upcoming launch

Samsung Gear A specs leak



Apple, Samsung pushing for e-SIMs to become a thing

Xiaomi talks plans for expansion into US market

Oneplus invite system gets improvements


Listener Mail



E-mailed submissions from Tony, Mark Magallon, and Nokia Fanboi

Thanks for watching  — see you next week!

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