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You probably use your smartphone twice as much as you think

By Anton D. Nagy October 30, 2015, 12:50 am

There’s no doubt about it, the smartphone has become an integral part of our lives; aside from being probably the most intimate of our geeky possessions, it is also a gateway to the world, a means of communication, tool for your work, and the source of your entertainment. No wonder we’re often finding ourselves glued to the screen. Well, before you proceed any further reading this post, let’s do an experiment: pause right here and think about how much you think (hours per day) you are using your own smartphone. Then, drop a comment below with the numbers. Should be fun!

Onto the meat of it: apparently, a recent study shows that people are severely underestimating the amount of time they spend using their smartphone. A research was conducted on a number of participant that not only estimated their smartphone usage, but agreed to have a usage tracking app installed on their device. The actual usage time was often times double the amount of time users estimated.

The study shows that the average smartphone user is using the device for around five hours per day, checking it about 85 times. More than half of these interactions with the smartphone are, according to the study, shorter than 30 seconds, and happening in bursts (whether that’s checking notifications, the clock, or for some other alert).

So, tell us, how much do you think you’re using your smartphone?

Source: Plos One
Via: Upi


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