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Putting your phone in a case vs. letting it run around naked

By Joe Levi July 22, 2013, 7:30 am

Apparently I’m a bit of an anomaly when it comes to carrying a smartphone. During my Windows Mobile (and Pocket PC) days, I carried my phone around in a holster. Don’t judge me! Everyone with a cellphone carried it in a holster back then. Most of the time my holsters would last for three or four phones before it became worn and needed to be replaced. In those days I didn’t put my phone in a case. I was even phasing out screen protectors. That holster was the only protection my smartphone needed — and it worked very, very well!

Fast-forward to today and it’s a different story. Phones are so big that you can’t put them in a vertical holster, you’ve got to go horizontal. Even then, they’re getting so big that you can’t easily carry them on your belt. And then there’s the whole style issue, and the fact that they stopped being in style long, long ago. What’s a person to do?


I went for a while without a case or a holster with my Nexus 4. It ended up being the first phone that I’ve broken — ever. (Well, other than bricking a couple G1’s, but that’s not really “breaking” it, right?) I’ve since replaced that phone, and applied a sticker to the back of it that has a nice, grippy texture — and it looks cool, too. Additionally, I now carry it in a padded case. I haven’t dropped it since, but if I should, it’s got a little extra protection to give it a fighting chance should gravity strike back.

I also picked up gel-cases for my kids’ Galaxy Nexi, and my wife’s Nexus 4 has the same sticker-backing and case that I use. My friends down the street have a Galaxy S II and GS3, and they both carry their phones in cases.

That’s got me thinking: how many of us put our phones in a case versus letting it run around naked?

Everywhere I go, almost without fail, I see smartphones of every shape and color in a case. From iPhones to Androids, hardly a day goes by where I’ll see a naked smartphone — except for Windows Phones. I don’t ever recall seeing a Windows Phone in a case. Whether that’s because there simply aren’t any companies making cases of Windows Phones due to their market share, or for some other reason, I don’t know. It just seems odd to me. Back on point.

When I carry my phone I try and keep it in my shirt pocket, which doesn’t work when my shirts don’t have pockets for obvious reasons. I won’t put it in my hip pocket because I’m certain I’ll sit on it and crack the thing in half. That leaves my front pockets, but I’ve scratched too many screens that way to make a habit of it (yes, one is “too many”).

So that brings me back to the question. Should I keep my phone in a case and live with the extra bulk and weight it adds, or should I let my phone walk around naked? What do you do? What cases do you recommend? Do you have any stories to share where a case saved your phone from a premature death? I’m anxious to hear what you have to say, so head down to the comments and share your thoughts and experiences!


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