In Blancco Technology Group’s introduction to its “State of Mobile Device Performance and Health” report, it starts off with the following sentence:

Mobile devices have taken the world by storm.

No, duh.

The problem is that the storm also can damage those mobile devices in one way or another. This trend report has been making the rounds today with a big spotlight number: 85 percent of performance issues found on mobile devices were running on Android. The remainder, by the way, went on iOS.

Breaking down the Android number by brand, Samsung tops the list at 27 percent, Lenovo comes to 21 percent, Motorola is at 18 percent while Xiaomi and ASUS round out the top five.

Blancco states, though, that most of the performance issues and failures are based on not hardware, but user behavior.

  • Users tend to excessively charge devices more than they should,” which is a myth.
  • App crashes are also the user’s fault. They probably didn’t update the app or the OS to the latest version or downloaded a poorly designed app.
  • Users run too many apps.
  • Users don’t patrol app control over microphone.

Also a huge freaking surprise? The more one uses a phone, the more likely it is to break apart in their hands.

The firm suggests vigilant app tidying, keeping on low-power modes on, shutting down the phone completely two days a week, turning off the “cellular” feature for apps (including notifications and don’t have multiple antivirus apps.

Here’s the thing: the mobile diagnostics firm sourced data from its own SmartChk software. Also, the report’s mainly focused on global enterprise with the whole “bring your own device” revolution.

Is the bottom line not what our audience would pay attention to? Maybe. But for some, it’s a needed reminder.

Source: Blancco Technology Group
Via: PhoneArena

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