‘Bezel-less’ smartphones drove record growth for average prices during Q4 2017

Smartphone sales reports for the final three months of 2017 and the year as a whole are starting to pile up, with GfK focused on the total global numbers today rather than the specific scores of the iPhone X or India’s latest vendors chart.

The German research and analytics firm is one of the few that tracks, estimates and forecasts “end-demand consumer purchases” instead of manufacturer shipments, thus still ranking Samsung first in the world’s second-largest market.

All in all, there were 1.46 billion smartphones sold to end users in 2017, according to GfK’s calculations, up a modest 3 percent from 2016’s $1.41 billion tally. Q4 unit sales surged an even humbler 1 percent year-on-year, from close to 394 million in the October – December 2016 quarter to over 397 mil this recently concluded holiday season.

But the industry was able to substantially improve a key indicator of its success, with global sales value at $144 billion in Q4, and $478.7 billion for the full year, representing 11 and 9 percent progress respectively from 2016.

That obviously means the smartphone average sales price (ASP) was on the rise of late, to USD 363, a 10 percent greater value than back in the closing months of 2016. This “fastest quarterly growth rate to date” is mainly owed to smartphones with “larger and bezel-less displays”, which managed to incentivize consumers to “purchase more expensive devices.” Basically, this further confirms the immense popularity of the iPhone X, as well as the Galaxy Note 8 and other such extravagant “bezel-less” acquisitions.

The “Developed Asia” region was the only one where total sales value declined during Q4 2017, while Central and Eastern Europe recorded by far the highest improvement, of no less than 28 percent. Smartphone demand also gained a massive 7 percent in Central and Eastern Europe, surpassed only by Middle East and Africa’s 8 percent year-on-year sales unit hike.

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