Smartphone Addiction and Digital Mental Health: Dr. Timothy Fong Interview, UCLA Neuroscience (Video)

Smartphone addiction, internet addition, technology addition in general, digital etiquette, nomophobia, FoMO, mental health. These are just some of the terms used to describe our behavior in this connected, digital world we’re living in, as we’re trying to discover, and find ways to improve, how our brains work. Last year we tried to see whether using a black and white screen has any effect on our behavior or regular usage, and today we’re following up on the topic with a more “educated” approach.

We sit down with Dr. Timothy Fong, a psychiatrist researching addiction at UCLA, as we’re trying not necessarily to find answers, but to understand what it is exactly that we’re dealing with, and where we are in terms of technology research and digital mental health. Do we have an addiction? Is it an addiction? How do we deal with it? Where will we be, and where will this science be in the future?

We’re trying to get answers to those, and many other questions in this interview, which we hope you enjoy.

We want to thank Dr. Timothy Fong for his time, insight, and for being willing to share his thoughts with Pocketnow and its audience!

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