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Smart Phone, Dumb Economy: BenQ E72

By Adam Z. Lein April 6, 2009, 11:51 am

How much money have you lost in your retirement fund? How many people do you know who have lost their jobs recently? Don’t you wish you could just punch this economy in the face? On the other hand, everybody is buying smartphones! You better keep up!

This commentary series is intended to show you some money-saving tips that will keep you smart and save you money.

To start, you’re going to need a cheap smartphone with WiFi. I’m going with the BenQ E72. You can get it from Expansys with no contract for $128 USD or with a T-Mobile USA service contract for free. I’d recommend buying it without a contract, and you’ll see why in the next “Smart Phone, Dumb Economy” post. Oddly, this device is selling on eBay in the $340 range and to put some more perspective on this price, the old Motorola RAZR is about $130 without a contract too. You will be hard pressed to find even a used or refurbished unlocked smartphone that’s this inexpensive with this many features. What’s even more amazing, is this is probably the smallest smartphone I’ve ever seen.

Got any smartphone related money saving tips of your own? Stay tuned for more.

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