After announcing the LG G3 flagship last year, the manufacturer has followed up with a smaller version of the device. There were several codenames rumored for the model, including G3s, G3 Compact, G3 Mini, and G3 Beat. Out of all these, despite having mostly the same outer aspect, the G3 Beat wasn’t so small after all, and we’ve compared the G3 S with the G3 flagship at IFA 2014.

If last year is of any indication, we should expect variations of some sort this year too, with the LG G4. Now, we do know that retailer listings and placeholders are often wrong, but we’ll mention that a certain LG G4c, claimed to be a smaller LG G4, has been listed on a Dutch website, with model number LGH525N. There’s also a May 12 date listed, which is highly unlikely at this moment, so treat everything with the usual dose of skepticism.

However, a smaller, more affordable version of the LG G4 could be in the cards, regardless if it is called LG G4 S (following last year’s convention), or LG G4c (Compact, a la Sony Xperia Z mini models).

Source: CentralPoint
Via: TheDroidGuy

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