Back all the way at the beginning of the year we saw HP launch a pair of voice-enabled tablets, the Slate 6 and 7 Voice Tab. Well, at the time they seemed like tablets, but with the iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 6 that have landed since, maybe they’re more phablety than we gave them credit for. However you classify them, HP is moving forward with its next generation of hardware, and this week we see the Slate 6 Voice Tab II get ready to land in India.

So what’s new here? Not a heck of a lot, by the look of things. We’ve got that same six-inch 720p display, same 16GB of internal storage, and another less-than-headline-worthy SoC: a 1.2GHz Marvell quad-core chip. That’s not to say that there aren’t any improvements present, and we see the rear camera grow from its old 5MP sensor to an 8MP component.

There’s also some stuff that we’re glad to see hasn’t changed, like the return of those stereo front-firing speakers and the dual SIM support. All in all, though, this seems to be a very minor update over the first-gen Slate 6; maybe worth picking up if you’re going in fresh, but current owners may find it difficult to identify a strong reason to upgrade.

At what works out to about $260, the Slate 6 Voice Tab II isn’t the cheapest budget tablet (or phablet) we’ve ever seen, but the voice call support may still make this a smart buy for users looking to carry only a single device. For the moment, we’ve only heard about sales in India, though that’s not to say HP isn’t thinking about bringing this guy elsewhere.

Source: HP
Via: phoneArena

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