Slack announced back in June last year that it will allow users to message people even outside their organization, thanks to a new feature called Slack Connect DMs. Today, the company – which was recently acquired by Salesforce for a whopping $27.7 billion – has announced that Slack Connect DM is now available, and it allows users from up to 20 different organizations to communicate with each other in the same space. The feature has started to roll out gradually and will soon reach all users.

Currently exclusive to paid users, will expand to the free tier soon.

In order to chat with someone from a different company, you have to send an invite. And once it is accepted, you can start chatting with them, just like you would with a colleague via the direct messages feature. Do keep in mind that invitations automatically expire after 14 days. Also, admins will have the ability to restrict Slack Connect DM invitations that you send or receive.

Right now, Slack Connect DMs can only be sent by paid users, but the company has announced plans to expand the ability to send Slack Connect DM invitations to free users as well. Right now, free users can only accept an invite and participate in a conversation. Slack Connect DM will also get an upgrade later this year that will allow users to create a private business network by linking people from multiple organizations. Additional features that are also in the pipeline include channel discovery and unified directories.

How to use Slack Connect DMs?

Use Slack Connect DM on desktop Use Slack Connect DM on mobile
1. Click the compose button next to your workspace name in the top left.
2. In the To: field, enter the email address for the person that you’d like to invite.
3. Select Start a direct message from the menu.
4. Include a message if you’d like, then click Send Invitation.
1. From the Home tab, tap the compose button at the bottom of your screen.
2. In the To: field, enter the email address for the person that you’d like to invite.
3. Select DM someone from another company from the menu.
4. Tap Share to send an invitation.

In order to accept an invitation, just tap on an invitation and select View Invitation option. You can choose the Slack account that you would like use to for communicating with a person from outside your organization after accepting the invitation. And to end an ongoing chat, tap the profile icon of the person you’re chatting with and select End Conversation.

UPDATE: The article has been updated to offer more clarity on how Slack Connect DM invites work.

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