Despite the rapid recent growth of both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in mainstream adoption and global availability, e-money veteran and market leader PayPal is probably in no danger of being outshined anytime soon.

That’s because the San Jose-based worldwide online payment operator is embracing competition rather than blindly trying to suppress it. PayPal is also constantly looking for new ways to make peer-to-peer fund transfers easier and more convenient for users of as many platforms as possible.

The latest service to gain deeper integration with the ubiquitous online money resource is one primarily dedicated to instant messaging and especially video chat functionality. Skype will add a new feature aptly dubbed Send Money in 22 countries, from the US to Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, supporting quick and safe capital circulation without any need for you to exit the mobile app.

Simply pause your Android or iOS conversation for a few seconds, swipe right, tap Send Money, and authorize the money transfer process to friends or family members.

A PayPal account registered in one of the 22 supported countries is obviously necessary for both the sender and recipient, with the initial setup mechanism designed to be just as effortless as you’d expect. Technically, the link between Skype and PayPal isn’t devised for business transactions, but there’s probably no formal rule prohibiting that use case either.

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