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Skype now lets you make a call without sign up or app download

By Nadeem Sarwar April 3, 2020, 4:42 pm

Making a Skype call can be bit frustrating experience because it requires you to either sign up for the service or download the app. Thankfully, Skype has removed both the hassles, making it as easy as creating a link with the press of a button to make a call.

Skype now lets you make a video call by just going to the new Skype conference call page and tapping on the ‘Create a free meeting’ button to generate a link that you can share with other people. Once you’ve done it, people can join the call by just tapping on that link.

If you have the Skype app, you can tap on the ‘Meet Now’ button and create a link that can be shared with others. We’ve tested the new feature and it works as advertised. However, participants will have to choose a username for identification before they join a call if they don’t have an account or the app.

Source: Skype

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