Skype now hides your IP address by default on both desktop and mobile

It took Microsoft a vexingly long time (several years, to be exact), but at long last, Skype’s most serious security vulnerability has been patched with a simple update. No more following a few quick steps on nefarious websites to uncover the IP address of any given user, as the immensely popular video chat service hides such information by default now.

The desktop and mobile amendment available on all platforms tackles concerns voiced primarily by gamers over time, but individuals attentive to data privacy should come together and relish the change, no matter their online preferences and habits.

The reason skilled gamers had more to suffer than the rest of the world due to the security glitch was that they were often targeted by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks from amateur hackers they defeated or just pissed off in various e-sports competitions.

These merely needed to track down a “mark’s” Skype ID, which we all know can be a piece of cake sometimes, and then, temporarily or indefinitely blocking their Internet access was the “logical” next step. So relieved that’s finally over, although obviously, simply setting the standard Skype status to not show a user’s IP address doesn’t provide full protection against cyber-criminals.

If they really want to get to you, they will, one way or another.

Source: Skype Blog
Via: VentureBeat

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