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Skype for Android Tablets Adds Portrait-Mode Video Chat Support

By Stephen Schenck January 24, 2013, 4:51 pm

Landscape can be a great orientation for working with tablets; it most closely mirrors our experience with computer monitors, so websites look familiar, and some of the most popular tablet games around are designed with a landscape orientation in mind. It’s not perfect for everything, though, and while we often have the opportunity to switch-over to portrait mode when the mood strikes us, some apps have steadfastly clung to an insistence on landscape views. If having to video chat in landscape on your Android tablet had been a source of frustration for you, we’ve got good news, as the latest Skype update finally allows you to make your video calls in portrait orientation.

Considering how the human head (a certain Family Guy character notwithstanding) is more appropriately shaped for portrait mode (which, after all, is where it gets its name from), this change can be a godsend. Unfortunately for now, the change seems to be for chats only, with the rest of the app’s UI defaulting to a landscape view.

In addition to finally letting Android tablet users turn their devices on their sides, the update also contains the usual assortment of bugfixes and performance tweaks, as well as adds support for Portuguese, Norwegian, and Commonwealth English.

Source: Google Play
Via: Android Police

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