Never lose a computer file again with a lifetime subscription to SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup, 90 percent off for readers of Pocketnow.

We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that there are many ways that you can lose the files stored on your computer. Your hard drive could fail, you might inadvertently delete a file, or you could contract a computer virus that infects your system. The good news is that you can eliminate those possibilities with a lifetime subscription to SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup.

SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup is a convenient way to backup your files from as many as four different computers, safeguarding them from any danger. It’s compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, and NAS or DAS external devices, so you can backup pretty much everything you have including documents, videos, treasured photos, and more.

Don’t take chances with your data. Keep it safe with a lifetime subscription to SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup, $49.99 at the Pocketnow Deals Store.


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