Skyfire 4.0 Coming to Android, Paid Pricing Model, New UI

Skyfire, a company well known for their mobile browsing software, announced today the latest version of their web browser for Android, 4.0. The new version is expected to paid pricing model to replace the current beta test, accompanied with “killer features”. All existing beta testers will continue to receive Skyfire updates, presumably without needing to purchase the new version.

The new update is rumored to bring tablet-specific features and layout changes to accompany the new Android Honeycomb platform. Pricing models have not yet been announced for the professional version. Skyfire expects to release their new version to the Android market in the coming weeks.

Skyfire’s biggest attraction was its ability to play embedded flash videos and render complex websites on Skyfire’s servers, sending the pre-rendered view of the page to your mobile device. Newer Android devices come with flash support out of box or available from the market, leaving Skyfire to play catch-up with their feature list.

Source: Skyfire Blog

Via: BGR

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